The Dr. Mehdi Saifi Foundation (Bonyad Dr. Mehdi Saifi), a non-government organization (NGO) was formed in Shiraz to help underprivileged children. In many of these unfortunate circumstances families are forced to surrender one or more of their children to an orphanage due to the inability to fully provide for them. In most cases, one of the parents is no longer in the child’s life. Shiraz has good orphanages, but these children would be much better served if they are given the opportunity to stay at home with their mother and extended family. So, our goal is to provide assistance to these families so they may benefit both from our outside expertise as well as maintaining a family setting where the children will be with their family during the New Year, their birthdays and all other family events.


It is our desire to support as many children that qualify by providing adequate food, clothing, medical needs, paying bills (power, water, phone, etc.) for each child’s family. It is our hope that this will allow the family to remain together while the children complete school and grow into adulthood. They will be provided the items that we determine are lacking. With monthly visits, or as needed, to the home, our staff will determine, for example, if there is a need for more protein one month or medical supplies in another. The program covers children of all ages and will conclude at the completion of college, for those that are accepted to the approved universities.

While this program is designed for the children, we will also focus on teaching their mothers the basics of building a strong family unit. There is weekly counseling provided to all of the mothers on how to raise good, successful children, in a warm, loving, and drug free family environment. The children will also have group counseling on how to plan for their future and become a successful member of society. The counseling is provided by certified adult and children psychologists.