Virtual Tour of the Dr. Mehdi Saifi Foundation Offices

Have a look inside the offices of the Dr. Mehdi Saifi Foundation with our virtual tour…

As the kids arrive the first thing they see is the logo on the door. An adult’s hand holding a child’s hand.

Once you enter the office, on the left, there are a number of pictures of Dr. Mehdi Saifi.  He was a successful surgeon and mostly an amazing humanitarian that always said we are all equal as God’s children. 

There are a number of offices for meetings and counseling as you see on the left. The large conference room with the circular conference table is where the kids meet with our team and where their group therapy sessions are held.  The table was intentionally customized as a circle so there will be no one sitting at the head of the table, as we are all equal.

All spaces are open and inviting. However, to the far right there is a more private space for private tutoring and studying.  Since the mission of the organization is to produce self reliant, educated individuals, there is a lot of emphasis on education.

The last room is the Director’s office. The Director, with a degree in psychology, assures that this room has an open door policy in order to assist with building each child’s confidence. The kids know they can approach the Director with any question, comment or concern.